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An entrepreneur work visa is a temporary visa granted for three years to allow a person to come to New Zealand to establish and run a business. Entrepreneur residence visa is a permanent visa. Once you run a business successfully for two years in NZ, you can apply and be granted residence under the entrepreneur category provided the requirements under the entrepreneur category are met.

There are five different ways to obtain permanent resident visa. The easiest way is to spend 184 days each in the first two years of obtaining resident visa.

A resident visa allows you to leave and re-enter New Zealand only for a limited period. If you want to travel in and out of New Zealand for an indefinite period, you need to apply for a permanent resident visa. Permanent resident visa allows indefinite travel.

A residence visa entitles you to come to New Zealand and live permanently in New Zealand. If you are already in New Zealand, it allows you to remain in New Zealand permanently. Resident visa usually comes with travel conditions usually for two years which means that you are allowed to travel in and out of New Zealand for two years.

Both de-facto partner and a married spouse of a New Zealand citizen/resident will qualify for residence provided you can establish that your relationship is genuine, stable, intended for a long-term and is exclusive. Please note that there is no automatic right of residence for partners of a New Zealand citizen/resident.