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Lloyd Vivera, who is originally from India , is an immigration lawyer practicing Australian and New Zealand immigration law. He moved to New Zealand in 2001. Read more>>

Lloyd Vivera, Immigration Lawyer welcomes you

Australia and New Zealand has always been attractive destinations for people who want a better life for themselves and their children. There are probably millions of people who wish to migrate to New Zealand and Australia but both countries have annual quotas. Due to limited no’s of visa places available and huge demand for them, it is prudent to apply for a visa as soon as possible and more importantly get it right from the beginning. The complexity of the immigration laws combined with the constant changes make the process daunting and difficult. As a lawyer specialising in Australian and New Zealand immigration laws, Lloyd can assist you in your move and you can benefit from his expertise and be assured of the best services possible. Lloyd’s practice is confined to immigration law and thus he is able to build expertise in immigration law. Lloyd was previously registered with MARA but he is no longer registered with them. MARA registration is compulsory only for agents based in Australia.

As we are exempt from registration by the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority we are authorised by law to act as immigration advisers. Please note that we do not assist with job offers.