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Entrepreneur Policy

If you are holder of a long term business visa and if you have established and run a business successfully in New Zealand you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the entrepreneur category. You may be able to apply before the two-year period under the entrepreneur plus category if you have transferred $5.00,000 to your business in New Zealand and created three full-full time jobs for New Zealand citizens or residents.

To succeed in an entrepreneur residence application, clear evidence have to be provided to show that you have established or purchased a business in New Zealand and running it successfully. Many applications have failed because sufficient evidence was not provided to substantiate the running of the business. You must also establish that the business is benefiting New Zealand. The easiest way to do is to provide evidence that you have a full-time employment for a New Zealand citizen/resident if you are applying under the entrepreneur category.

You should also meet the health and character requirements. Running a business in a small country like New Zealand has it own challenges but it could open up a new life for you and your family