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Investor Category

High Networth Individuals (HNI) who have millions to invest in New Zealand may qualify for residence under the investor category. There are two categories - Investor Plus (Investor 1) category and Investor (Investor 2 category).

Investor Plus

  • Investment of NZ$10m for three years in New Zealand
  • No upper age limit.
  • No English Language requirement.
  • No business experience required.
  • Must spend at least 73 days each in NZ for two years.


  • Investment of NZ$1.5m for four years in New Zealand.
  • Settlement funds of NZ$1m required
  • Upper age limit of 65.
  • Minimum Standards of English (English speaking background or score 3 in IELTS)
  • Three years business experience required
  • Must spend at least 146 days each for three years in NZ.

In all cases, residence visa issued with conditions. The conditions to be lifted after three or four years on meeting the conditions are met. The policy is a much improvement over the previous policy. The increase in the upper age limit will be attractive to those people who wish to retire in New Zealand. The investor plus category requires no business experience which means that people who have acquired wealth through property and without any business experience may qualify