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Entrepreneur Visa

If you have business experience, you may qualify for an entrepreneur work visa under the entrepreneur policy. Entrepreneur is a three- year temporary visa issued for the purpose of enabling the visa holder to establish and run a business in New Zealand. After the business is run for two years, you can apply for residence under the entrepreneur residence policy. You may be able to apply for residence earlier than two years if certain conditions are met.

Before you submit your application you should identify a business you intend to start once the visa is granted.The proposed business must be related to your current or previous business experience. The proposed business must be considered high growth, or innovative or having export potential. You can either establish a new business or buy at least 25% shares in an existing business.

You must prepare a business plan and submit it along with your application. A good business plan, preferably prepared by an accountant, will improve your chances of succeeding in your application.

You must also meet health and standard requirements and have a minimum standard of English.You must have enough funds to finance the business and maintain you and your family during the visa period.

The application is dealt by the business migration branch (BMB) of Immigration based at Wellington, New Zealand.If the application is approved, you will be issued with a work visa to run the business. Your spouse, if any, will be issued with an open work visa to work for any employer. Your children, if any, will be issued student visas or visitor’s visas