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Partner Migration

If you are in relationship with a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident, you may qualify for residence under the partnership category. Both marriage and de-facto relationships are recognized. Same sex relationships are also recognised.

To be issued with a residence visa under this category, Immigration should be satisfied that you have been living together for 12 months or more in a partnership that is genuine and stable. There is also the requirement that you are physically living together unless there are compelling reasons for living separately. Residence will not be granted unless you have been living together for at least 12 months.

Your must meet both health and character requirements. There is no upper age limit. There is also no English language requirement. The application must be sponsored by your New Zealand citizen or resident partner.

To be eligible as a sponsor, your partner must not have sponsored anyone for residence under the partnership category for the last five years and has not supported more than one partnership residence application.

There is no automatic right to residence on the basis of your relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident. The onus is on you to establish that your relationship is both genuine and stable. You should expect Immigration to carry out thorough verification. In some cases, even unannounced house visits are carried out by immigration officer to verify the details.