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Family Migration

Australian citizens and residents can sponsor their families to live in Australia under the family stream. There are mainly three categories under the family migration stream - partner, parent and dependent child.

Under the partnership policy, an Australian citizen/resident can bring his or her spouse/partner to Australia. There is no automatic right of entry for a partner or a spouse. It must be clearly shown that the relationship is genuine and continuing. The visa officers usually carry out a very close scrutiny of the relationship to ensure that only genuine relationships are recognised. As such, the documentation provided should be of very highstandard. The onus is on the couple to show that their relationship is genuine and is exclusive. It should be further shown that you live together or do not live separately on a permanent basis.

Dependent children of Australian citizens/residents can apply for residence under the dependant child visa category.

Under the parent policy, parents of Australian citizens/residents who meet certain requirements can qualify. Due to heavy demand for parent visas, it could take up to twenty years for a parent visa to be processed. There is a special parent visa called contributory parent which enable parents to migrate within a few years. Under this policy, the application fees are substantial.