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Employer (Sponsored residence )

Australian employers can sponsor overseas workers for permanent residence under the Employer Nomination Scheme. There are two subclasses - subclass 856 if you are applying from within Australia and subclass 121 if you are applying from overseas

The application has two processes- nomination by the employer and visa application by the applicant. A visa application can only be lodged after the lodging of the nomination application. A visa application can be made before the nomination application is finalised but for the visa application to succeed, the nomination must be approved first.

There is a list of occupations called the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List(ENSOL). Only if your occupation is in this list, an application can be made under this category. In the nomination application, the employer must nominate the occupation that is being offered to the overseas worker. The employer must be actively and lawfully trading business operating in Australa and must provide evidence to this effect. The employer must further demonstrate that it has made and continues to make adequate provisions for training of its employees. The offer of employement must be for at least three years.

The visa application can be lodged simultaneously with the nomination application or can be lodged within six months of the approval of the nomination. There are three pathways - pathway A - salary above AU$165,000; pathway B-the applicant employed in the nominated occupation for at least three years and have a suitable skills assessment; pathway C - for holders of subclass 457 visas.