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Skilled state sponsored migration

The skilled migration programme is a point tested system where points are allocated for nominated occupation, age, English etc. The current passmark for independent skilled migrant policy is 120. If you do not meet the passmark of 120, you may still qualify, if your application is sponsored by a close relative (From 1 July 2011, close relative sponsorship policy ceases to exist) or nominated by an Australian State. The participating states are New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Western Australia is willing to sponsor you. The current pass mark for the sponsorship category is 100. You must nominate an occupation and must obtain nomination from the State/territory for the nominated occupation. You must also obtain suitable skills assessment from the relevant skills assessment authority.

The list of occupations that can be nominated by by states/ terrritory is a much longer one. Even if your occupation is included in SOL, obtaining state nomination be useful. Each state has their own requirements and now a days superior English is required to obtain sponsorship. There are only limited places available. Obtaining state nomination will result in priority processing.