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Employer Sponsored

New Zealand employers can sponsor overseas workers for temporary as well as residence. To protect the interest of New Zealand citizens and residents, only skilled workers are allowed to be sponsored. Where an occupation is included in the long term skill shortage list or the immediate skill shortage list, then the employer is free to offer employment to any overseas workers without having to show that no local candidates are available to take up the job offer. The prospective employee must meet the qualifications/work experience requirement specified for that occupation in the long term or immediate shortage list. The overseas worker can apply for a work visa under the essential skills policy or under the long term skill shortage list. Under the long term skill shortage list policy, there is a minimum salary requirement but the advantage of applying under this category is that it will lead to residence after working for the employer for two years and there is no English language requirement

Employers can also choose to become accredited employers with Immigration New Zealand and once become accredited, the employer can sponsor overseas workers for both temporary as well as residence visa