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Business Owner Visa

If you currently running a successful business or had run a successful business for at least two years in the past four years with an annual turnover of not less than AU$ 5,00,000 and had an overall successful business career; have financial documents prepared in accordance to international accounting standards; less than 45 years old; have net assets of not less than AU$8,00,000 which was lawfully acquired and available to be transferred to Australia; have additional funds to meet the living expenses in Australia; intend to run a business in Australia may be eligible for a four year provisional business owner visa. To qualify, there are further health and character requirements to be met.

Lesser financial requirements and age relaxation applies, if you are sponsored by any state or territory. The net assessment requirement is $5,00,000 and the annual turnover requirement is AU $3,00,000 apply. Each state or territory will have their own requirements to be met for someone to be sponsored.

Senior Executive visas

If you do not have a business background but hold or have held a position in the 3 highest levels of management in a major business with $50 million annual turnover; have business and personal assets of not less than Au$8,00,000, aged less than 45 years, intend to establish and maintain a substantial ownership in a business in Australia , then you may qualify for a temporary business visa for four years.

Lesser requirements apply if you are sponsored by a state or territory. If you are sponsored by a state or by a territory, there are major relaxations of policy conditions like no English language requirement; higher age limit of 55 (with waiver available if exceptional benefit to sponsoring state or authority); no turnover requirement, less assets requirement

The above visas are temporary and are usually granted for a period of four years. The expectation is that such visa holders will establish and run a business successfully, which if done, will qualify them for permanent visas. For information on the residence options, click here.